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Here are some tricks that we use frequently:

Have a knot in your fiber that seems impossible to get out?  Flatten the knot, then use your needle to open up the knot, it comes out easier.

Need a ruler, but don't have one handy?  Did you know that an approximate inch is from your first knuckle to your second knuckle on your index finger?  (Notice I said "aproximate", if you need to be exact, you will have to go find that ruler!)

Carried a thread on your peyote fob, and it is too far to undo?  If it is not a juried piece, use a marker to cover it up. :)  No one will know except you.

1.  Peyote Beading Instructions

Please note:  This is a .pdf file.  If you do not already have Adobe Reader, please download it here.  It's free!

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