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Here you will find corrections to our designs.  We're only human and try to limit them to as few as possible, but alas, some sneak through anyway. 

Correction:  NO Bodies Home Needle Case:  There is NO #45084 floss used in this case, you will need #45397 which was left out of the kit.  Please email or phone us so that we may send it to you.  On the chart where it says "inside cross stitch A" you should use #45090 and where it says "inside cross stitch B" you should use #45091.  Everything else is correct.  We apologize for the error, but it happens sometimes!

Correction:  On chart 2 of the Prissy Peacock Sewing Roll, the Rhodes stitch should be one ply “Down Under” NOT one ply “Blue Groper”.

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